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Green Apps to make your life easier

Live Better With These Green Apps   Your smart phone and tablet can help you do more than gain a high score on Candy Crush or catch the latest online deal. Head to the Google Play store or the App Store to check out a myriad of useful apps for the environment. They’ll help you […]

  • Community Events

    Hiking In Connection

    Gutsy & Gorgeous in the East Bay Area

    If you could use some time connecting & recharging your battery with like-minded ladies please join us! How we roll... We spend a good 20-30 minutes in safe, deep connection sharing what's on our minds and bearing witness to the shares of...

    Psychic Development: Clairvoyance

    Angel Heart 4 You Metaphysical Community

    Psychic Development 4 Class Series with Psychic Teacher, Tana Newberry Learn 4 Psychic Tools Week One: Clairvoyance, Psychic Seeing Week Two: Clairaudience, Psychic Hearing Week Three: Clairsentience, Psychic Feeling Week Four: Claircognizance,...

    Friday Night Coloring and Coffee

    Benicia and Beyond Coloring and Coffee Meetup

    Nothing to do on a Friday night? Come hang out and color, draw or doodle!  Join us monthly for coffee, coloring and conversation!  Bring your own supplies (or bring a portable alternative craft if you prefer).   Donations of $1 are...