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    Parents of HFA/AS Teens

    Benicia Parents of Teens with HFA/AS Meetup

    Note: This is a stock photo, not our actual kids. To find me: I'm the old guy with a Statue Of Liberty baseball cap.

    Raspberry Pi and Arduino Night (Open To The Public)

    Benicia Makerspace

    Join us and work on your microcontroller, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi project. This is an user group where you bring your hardware, meet fellow makers and talk about what you are working on and ask questions about how to get from here to there. We...

    FORT FIGHT!!! (With Water Guns)

    Silicon Valley Offbeat Fun for 20s & 30s

    No better way to start summer than building forts and then duking it out with water guns! What we'll do:- Split into teams.- With your teammates, you'll build a glorious fort out of cardboard boxes.- Fight it out using water guns! Rules for the...

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    Green Apps to make your life easier

    Live Better With These Green Apps   Your smart phone and tablet can help you do more than gain a high score on Candy Crush or catch the latest online deal. Head to the Google Play store or the App Store to check out a myriad of useful apps for the environment. They’ll help you […]

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